We have plenty going on in our play café including some fantastic workshops this Summer! Grab a coffee and homemade cake or lunch for your little one and sit back and relax. Our menu offers a wide range of healthy drinks, snacks and meals with just a £3 minimum spend per adult.

Love it. This cafe is exactly what we need in the area. We went in for a pottery session. We ate a delicious lunch, perfect size for little one, and then painted a mug for granny’s birthday. The owner helped us and made us feel very welcome. Thank you. We’ll definitely be back. - Lindsay M

Child led play

Our play café provides a safe and friendly environment for child led play with opportunities for children to develop their natural curiosity to explore, investigate, interpret, predict, solve problems and make decisions. We have ride-ons, dress up, the discovery table, games, toys and dens - everything that creative little minds can turn into an adventure.

What is child led play?

Child led play is key to early stage learning and development. It happens naturally when children are given the time and space to play and think for themselves, to come up with their own ideas and apply those ideas in practice.

When children experience learning in this way, it helps them to develop a positive attitude towards learning and to be effective learners.

Paint a plate or mug anytime

Stuck on the perfect gift for a loved one? Want to get your child’s hand or foot prints printed on a ceramic mug or plate to treasure forever? We have created a relaxed environment where your child can play whilst you finish off their masterpiece and have experienced staff to help paint their hand/ footprints onto your piece for FREE! Plate is £11.95 and a mug is £10.95 for a regular size and £11.95 for a large mug. Your artwork will be fired after your visit and available to collect 10 days later and can be used and even put in the dishwasher.

Story and song time

Relax with a hot drink and cake while we run a story time and sing session in our play café. £5.25 per family (one adult) including hot drink and cake. Afterwards, let your little ones run off steam with a free 30 minute session in our mini soft play (downstairs). This is our perfect combination of letting your child explore through song and develop their verbal vocabulary, with a fun let off some steam in our soft play. Aimed at all ages but ideal for 2 and 3 years old.